I don’t really like having my photo taken – help?!

Most couples I meet actually tell me this either about one or other of them and sometimes both of them! I think we are all a bit like that to some extent and most people can think of some unflattering photos of themselves, particularly taken on phones and in less than brilliant light.  What I do know is that a few weeks later those same couples tell me how much they love their wedding photographs.  My style means that most of the time you won’t even be aware that you are being photographed, which is quite a nice thought.  I often say to couples that if you just relax and enjoy the day and almost forget about the photographs, you’ll have a wonderful day and an amazing set of images!

I am looking for relaxed, natural looking images but I would also like some particular shots of friends and family – is this possible?

Yes! We will work out in advance what family group pictures you would like and on the day we can do these with the minimum of fuss and interruption so that you and your guests are not hanging around for a long time and can relax and enjoy the wedding reception. Most couples make a list of between 6 and 10 family photographs but it’s your day so if you would like more than this just allow some extra time. A good tip is to get your ushers involved so they can help at this point.

Can I have a mixture of black and white and colour photographs?

Yes. You can choose to have all colour or a mixture of black and white images.

Do you have any limit on the number of images you take and how many images can I expect to have?

No. If I am shooting a full day’s coverage, usually you will  end up with between 400 and 600 images. If you are having a small intimate wedding and only want a few hours of coverage it might be less than that.

I am not sure about the timings and how long everything will take – help?!

Getting the timings right is really important to make your wedding day relaxing and it really helps to plan your day out carefully in advance. A few weeks before your wedding we will go through everything including your family shots, timings and a wet weather plan either at the studio or on the telephone. A couple of good things to do include making sure you have enough time between the ceremony and the meal – most couples say this is their favourite part of the day because they can have a glass of wine and chat to people. It’s also helpful to add in 15 mins here or there when you are planning the day out so that you have some extra time in case of delays/traffic problems/bad weather etc.

How soon will we see our photos?

My aim is to put a selection of images up on the blog for you to have a look at within a couple of weeks of your wedding and you’ll get sent the full set about a month after the wedding.  In the busy summer months where I might be shooting more than one wedding in a week it can be a bit more than that but I know couples are pretty excited to see their photos so I try to get your images out to you as quickly as I can.

What happens if it rains?

This is another thing couples often worry about, particularly with our lovely British climate!  The fact is your wedding will go on anyway and I’ll carry on shooting anyway, in just the same way. I often shoot on showery days and there are usually gaps in showers to nip outside for a bit. If torrential weather does mean we are inside all day I will use a bit of extra lighting so that you’ll still have a wonderful photographic story of your day – albeit with a few brollies and puddles!

Do you have an assistant?

I much prefer working alone. Because of my documentary approach I don’t carry much around with me and I find it really works being able to move around quietly and unobtrusively. In fact people often ask me if I am a friend of the couple which is great if people don’t see you ‘sticking out’ as a professional photographer and you can just blend in.

Do we have to add VAT  or travel to the prices you have given us ?

I limit the number of weddings that I photograph each year which means I don’t need to charge VAT. Travel within an hour of Bristol and Bath is included in the price but if you are getting married further away I may need to make a small extra charge for travel.  I try and be as transparent as possible so the price on your contract is the price you’ll pay with no hidden extras.

Have you always been a photographer?

No, I was actually a lawyer for four years before I set up my own business, but having a professional background taught me lots of things that I still apply to my photography business today. I love the excitement, freedom and creativity of taking wedding photographs and I actually still get a sense of ‘butterflies in the stomach’ on the morning of a wedding.

I like the look of the images on your site – where do I go from here?

If you are interested in booking me to photograph your wedding or would like to make an appointment to come to the studio, just get in touch. I am always very happy to meet up with you as I think it is very important to be comfortable with your wedding photographer and for your photographer to understand how you want your day to be recorded so I am happy to take the time to meet you, show you some sample albums and discuss what you are looking for in more detail.I offer appointments at the studio during the working week and in the evenings between 6pm and 8pm so feel free to give me a ring on 01275 333910 to book an appointment. Some weekend appointments are available on weekends when I am not shooting a wedding.I only shoot a limited number of weddings each year and can get booked up a long time in advance for the busy summer months, so its important to reserve your date as soon as possible. As I receive quite a lot of enquiries I am unable to provisionally hold dates. To reserve your date please contact me for a booking form, which you’ll need to fill in and return to me along with your date reservation fee.

How do we book you?

Let me know if you would like to reserve your date and I will email you a contract to fill in and send back to me with a £500 date reservation fee (retainer).  Once I have received both of these, I will let you know your booking is confirmed and I’ll stop taking enquiries for that date.  The balance of my fee is payable 6 weeks before your wedding date.