My Approach


There are so many ways to describe wedding photography; documentary, reportage, traditional, vintage; the list goes on. But what do any of those words really mean?  The best way I can describe my own style isn’t to label it as such but to say that the way I take pictures is to watch, observe and capture lots of real moments throughout your day. I want someone looking at your wedding photographs to feel like they were part of the wedding, even if they weren’t there and for you to be brought back to the emotions and excitement of the day.

Apart from any family group photographs you would like, and some natural relaxed portraits of the two of you, nothing is set up or posed. I work quietly around what is happening in an unobtrusive way to capture the story of your day in a creative and artistic way. When it comes to those family groups my approach is simple – I will make sure you, your family and friends look good but I won’t take very long to do it.  My group pictures are different from many other photographers – they set me apart and I have spent years refining what I do and making sure my clients think they are the best group shots they have seen. I don’t do ‘standard’ images of guests lined up in rows, I try and make each picture look flattering and interesting and people often tell me how different they are from other people’s wedding photographs and that they and their family love them.

For me, wedding images are about capturing those unique feelings and emotions you have on what is a day like no other. I aim to create a set of pictures that will last a lifetime and more, that make you smile and that touch the soul.

Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your day and for more information.