Bruce and Danielle have been a wonderful couple to get to know and I was really looking forward to their wedding at Bristol Zoo. The Lodge has recently opened at the zoo; a beautiful apartment for brides and their family and bridesmaids to stay in the night before the wedding and a great place to get ready and have a glass of fizz in the morning. Hair and make up was well underway when I arrived and there was a real buzz. I have recently done an exhibition about photography, memory and mindfulness and, amidst all the preparations, Danielle was really enjoying being in the moment. She told me that she had woken up and had her morning cup of tea and had savoured just that exact moment of having her wedding day cup of tea. I thought this was a lovely way to approach a day which can sometimes go by in a bit of a blur.

Over at the Pavilion, Bruce was putting the finishing touches to the decorations and stationary and was having a chat with his Brother and Best Man, Jean. The nerves may have been starting to set in but as soon as Danielle walked into the ceremony, you could see how much the occasion meant to both of them and from then on, their happiness and excitement together were wonderful to see and of course for me to photograph. Afterwards, guests had the choice of Pimms and Mojitos (what a choice!) and all the children in particular loved exploring and seeing the animals. Bruce and Danielle went for a wander to the Lorikeets, as they had been to the zoo for one of their very first dates. It must have been amazing for them to be celebrating their marriage in a place that was so special for them. After dinner, it was a warm sunny evening so there was a chance to have the zoo to ourselves and quite a few people enjoyed another wander around before the dancing started.

My lovely friend (and very talented florist!) Lisa did an amazing job of Bruce and Danielle’s flowers so for anyone looking for a brilliant florist in the Bristol and Bath area have a look at her website (

Here are a few of my favourite images from Danielle and Bruce’s day: