A couple of weeks back I popped up the road to the Pig near Bath – a favourite eating out spot in our household!  Freddie and his family and friends had a wonderful party in their fabulous private dining room. I love parties where everyone can sit at one long table as it is so sociable and makes for a great atmosphere!  Guests also had a fantastic Magician, Simon, come round and do some up close magic tricks – which was really fun (for details use this web address  https://simon-show.com). I had a great time and as a keen baker admired the lovely Basketball cake from Jane Asher. I have been wondering since then how it’s even possible to do icing like that…..

Here are some favourite images from the evening:


freddie001 freddie002 freddie005 freddie004 freddie006 freddie009 freddie010 freddie011 freddie013 freddie014 freddie018 freddie017 freddie020 freddie019 freddie022 freddie023 freddie038 freddie037 freddie036 freddie035 freddie025 freddie024 freddie039 freddie040 freddie042 freddie043 freddie044 freddie045 freddie046 freddie048 freddie049 freddie056 freddie054 freddie053 freddie051 freddie058 freddie059 freddie060 freddie061 freddie065 freddie066 freddie068 freddie069 freddie071 freddie074 freddie075 freddie077 freddie076 freddie078 freddie085 freddie086 freddie087 freddie089 freddie091 freddie093 freddie094 freddie095 freddie096 freddie097 freddie099 freddie100 freddie102