One thing I love about my job is that I have never done two weddings or two portrait shoots the same; the setting, light, people and what happens are totally different every time. As people who know me well know, my absolute favourite kind of backgrounds to shoot in are definitely fields, woodlands and rustic natural looking scenes – which luckily are in abundance out here. Just as the late summer weather was getting even better, a few weeks back, I met up with Diana, Steve and their family to get some up to date portraits of them all. I had last photographed Jake as a one year old so it was lovely to see such a difference and to see him playing with his sisters.  We started out in the hay barn – I’m not sure there are many more fun things to play in for children than a barn stuffed with hay!  Afterwards we headed out to the fields where, despite the breezy day, it was lovely to be outside and enjoy the stunning setting over the lake. Here are a few favourite images:   di001 di002 di003 di004 di005 di006 di007 di008 di009 di010 di011 di012 di013 di014 di015 di016 di017 di018 di019 di020 di021 di022 di023 di024 di025 di026 di027 di028 di029 di030 di031