If a shoot can include a coffee and a nice cake then so much the better! At the end of August on a fairly cool, overcast day I met up with Helen, Ben and Elsa to get some up to date pictures of their little girl Elsa. We had actually moved the shoot forward to the morning from the afternoon after having seen the weather forecast so it wasn’t really on that it started showering as soon as we arrived. We decided to head for the coffee and squishy sofas earlier than I have ever done before on a shoot to wait until the rain had passed and it was soon dry again and a bit brighter. It is amazing the number of times that I get some of the best images in slightly more moody conditions when, on the face of it, the day doesn’t look that great. Elsa’s shoot was right up there for me – being one of the nicest portrait shoots I have done and I just love the images of her in the lavender. Here are some favourites:


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