So, it is ages since I last posted – but I have an amazing excuse! Lara Eve Cameron was born just over 2 weeks ago on Monday 5th March at St Michaels in Bristol – she weighed just a snip under 7llbs at 6llbs 15 oz and is a real cutie (not that I am biased!!!).

little Lara is 2 weeks old now and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone! I seem to spend my days feeding Lara, eating (who knew Thorntons did such amazing chocolate cookies as well as chocolate?!) , drinking buckets of tea, sleeping, taking the dog out for the odd walk, sitting in the garden and that’s about it! The simplicity of it all (not rushing about like I normally do!) is quite refreshing.

I have had my camera at the ready to capture lots of little moments since she was born, but I also wanted to do a proper shoot in the studio. It’s obviously not every day a photographer gets to do a newborn shoot for her own baby and, after photographing so many gorgeous babies for my clients, I was really excited about doing a shoot with Lara and Jamie. Last week we had a spare hour and spent some time in the studio taking a few pics. As with my maternity shoot, it was tricky not being able to see the shots involving me in the camera, but Jamie did a great job and I was really pleased with them. I love the ones with her (already!) totally doting daddy!

here are a few favourites: