I have neglected the blog a bit over the past couple of weeks while a new computer system has been installed in the office but that is coming to an end now (horray!). It’s a great time of year to get everything organised and up to date before the start of the main wedding season which I am really looking forward to.

Last week I was at a business lunch and conversation turned to the following topic  – What are you in business for? /Why do you do what you do?  An interesting question and one which might have a variety of answers depending on what work you do and what motivates you. For me, this message I was sent a couple of weeks ago from a couple who got married several years ago came to mind:

“Hi Sarah. I have just been looking at our Wedding album once again (Thornbury Castle 5/11/06) and wanted to send another thank you, four years on! Each time we look at it, it brings smiles and warm memories as each moment is captured perfectly (and we look so young..).I don’t think it will ever date. The photography is of a quality I never thought we would find. As my Mum passed away 18mths later, it is beautiful to look back at a day she absolutely adored and you were able to capture on paper, what was already in our hearts. It looks like you are still producing amazing work and I wish you all the luck you deserve. Many thanks again.”

So I feel very fortunate to be able to have the relationships with my couples that I do. It’s also nice to know that the images and albums they keep are a lasting reminder of that special and defining point in their lives. 

Coming up soon is the Major portrait session and Greg and Lara’s wedding so watch this space!