A week last Saturday I headed down to Devon for Hannah and Lloyd’s wedding in Exeter Cathedral.  Hannah and Lloyd live in sunny Dubai so it was a bit of a temperature drop for them coming back to the UK for their wedding – although the snow had retreated quite a bit. I had spent a morning with them earlier in the week to go through everything and as often happens, the time flew by and before I knew it – it was time to hit the M5 again!

When I arrived at Hannah’s Mum’s house she was getting ready with bridesmaids Nicky, her Sister, Venetia, Helen and Lucy. Before long, the Champagne was cracked open and there was a real sense of excitement.  I then drove into Exeter and met up with Lloyd. The Cathedral looked stunning with all the Christmas decorations and for a big church was surprisingly warm.

Hannah and the girls arrived (in Bovey Castle’s fantastic big Landrovers!) and walked into church to the fantastic sound of the organ  – quite spine tingling!  The highlight of the service for me was Hannah’s surprise for Lloyd of the choir singing the Band Aid song – Do they know it’s Christmas -which everyone loved.

Outside, everyone mingled greeting Hannah and Lloyd but before long, thinking of cups of tea and a log fire at Bovey Castle, headed off for the reception.

Here are my favourite images from the first part of their day – part 2 coming up soon!: