I have had quite a few weddings in the last couple of weeks so I am doing my best to catch up with posts!  On Bank holiday Saturday I headed to a venue I have been going to for years – the Marriot Royal on Park Street in Bristol. Affectionately known by locals as ‘the Swallow’ (its old name) the Marriot Royal is a lovely venue and, I think, unique because it has such a lovely elegant stone ceremony room which has a wonderful atmosphere when lit with candles, yet the rest of the hotel is modern and stylish – all in the same building!

Alice was downstairs in the hairdresser when I arrived so I had a chat to her and took some photographs of her having her hair done. Her sister Susan arrived for some moral support and they had a bit of  a catch up over a cup of tea. Upstairs, Alice had her dress and flowers in her room so I took some pictures of those along with some other details and shots of all the girls getting ready.

Meanwhile, Jon was downstairs setting up the music for the reception which involved some truly huge kit and very very large and impressive speakers! Alice and Jon are really keen musicians and love DJing and, after listening to some of their music, I can see why.

I took a few pictures of Jon and his best man putting on their buttonholes and ties before heading down to the ceremony room where guests were arriving. Alice and Jon had got a special lighting company involved and the lighting did look amazing. I am a big fairy lights fan so was pretty inspired, although I think one large twiggy fairylight display in my living room is enough!

Alice and Jon both looked really happy throughout the ceremony and afterwards we walked outside on to College Green for some photographs.

Here are a few of my favourite imagees: