I first met Bhavani a few years ago at Nicky and Pete’s wedding, when I did their photographs back in August 2006 and it was lovely both to be recommended to their friends and also to see some familiar faces at the departure gate!   We arrived at the hotel later that evening and had a delicious meal which Bhavani’s parents had laid on. Over the whole weekend Bhavani and James’ families were fantastic to get to know and very kind, friendly people so I felt very welcome and excited to be a part of it all.

On Friday morning I headed up to Bhavani’s room where she and bridesmaids Deepa and Zina were getting ready. Nicky and Pete had brought with them a gorgeous set of  cup cakes personalised with their names and wedding decorations for Bhavani and James and these were out very temptingly on the side. Managing to work around the delicious wafts of fresh cake, I chatted to the girls and got some lovely images of them having their hair and make up done and getting progressively more nervous as time went on!  Before we knew it, it was time to set off for Lothian Chambers in the centre of town and I got on the bus along with all the guests. It was great to catch up with James and to meet his best man Ed and all the ushers.

After the guests had gone inside, Bhavani and her father and bridesmaids arrived separately and there was just enough time for a few photographs before the ceremony.  Lothian Chambers is a typically Georgian stone building with wonderful architecture both inside and outside including a fantastic staircase (Bhavani managing this really well for someone in three inch Jimmy Choos!).

During the service several friends read lovely readings and Bhavani and James seemed to really enjoy it.  Afterwards, we all headed out on to the square and the guests headed back to James’ grandparents’ house for an informal lunch.  Bhavani and James stayed behind for a few minuutes to take some photographs and then we drove back as well.

James’ grandparents moved to the Firth of Forth back in the 1950’s and it is one of the most incredible sites for a house – right next to the river and between the road and rail bridges – so a huge expansive view and a wonderful setting for a wedding. James’ Mother had been hard at work restoring the old rose garden in time for the wedding so after lunch, we took advantage of this and did a few more photographs in the garden.

Later on, Bhavani and her friends and female members of the family had their hands and feet painted with henna which was fascinating to watch – very detailed and precise to paint and amazing to see the finished design made up of lots of tiny dots and swirls!

I took so many photographs over the weekend that I am going to blog them in 2 – 3 posts, so for now here are a few of my favourite images from Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment in a few days time!: