Saturday’s wedding down in Chagford, in the heart of Dartmoor, was spectacular timing as Erica (an English rose of a bride) married Campbell (from a fantastic sounding place called Wagga Wagga in New South Wales!). So, having listened to radio 5 live most of the way down in the car I was keen to see what sporting references there would be throughout the day!

I met up with Erica and her bridesmaids in the hairdressers which had a great view out over the town square and we could see wedding guests coming and going as well as the English and Ozzie flags flying on top of the church spire!

We then headed back to Erica’s house for her to get ready, on the way admiring the fabulous wedding car parked outside – an authentic 1960’s Holden Kingswood in a great turqouise colour!

I met up with Campbell and the guys at the church and took some shots of them and some of their guests arriving before they headed inside to wait for Erica’s arrival.

The service was taken by Erica’s cousin Toby (how useful to have a vicar in the family!) and afterwards we took a few family photos in the church doorway as Erica’s auntie had made a fantastic flower archway.

In Australia, it’s traditional for the bride and groom to drive off immediately after the wedding with the wedding party, so we all headed off to nearby Gidleigh Park for some photographs, before joining up with the rest of the guests at the marquee.

As this was on the town’s cricket pitch, there was a nice symmetry to the whole day (!) and guests enjoyed some very welcome sunshine to accompany their pimms and canapes.

Here are a few of my favourite shots: