I have just come back from a wonderful couple of weeks’ holiday and I am really looking forward to the start of the 2009 wedding season in a few weeks’ time! (It would be great to get rid of the last of this snow though – a bit tricky for getting into church on time in your Jimmy Choos!)

I had a call this week from one of my Spring brides about her wedding make up and I thought I would share a few tips to make sure you all look and feel gorgeous all day long on your wedding day!

1. It really is a good idea to have a make up trial beforehand, particularly if you don’t normally wear much make up and want some advice. If you are having a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer, then it’s great to have your trial earlier on the same day, so you can see how you like your make up in the pictures. If you aren’t having a professional shoot, you can always get a friend to take a few snaps for you!

2. Before the big day or on the morning, pack up a few beauty essentials (including a powder compact to keep shine at bay and some long lasting lipstick for all that kissing!) and give it to one of your bridesmaids for safe keeping. (Other useful items for your kit would be a couple of safety pins just in case!)

3. Lots of brides want a really special fragrance for their wedding, as for the rest of your life you will associate that perfume with your wedding day and have lots of happy thoughts! If you want a change of perfume then, as it’s only a few days to go until Valentines’ day, why not drop a few hints to your hubbie to be!

4. One of my 2007 brides, Ateh Damachi, is a well known beauty writer and you may well have seen her work in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, Marie Claire and lots of other publications. She has recently launched a beauty tips blog which I love:


She has also just won a prestigious industry award, so if you are a beauty nut then add her site to your favourites!