I was invited to attend the Jessie May Trust’s Supporter’s Reception at the Council House in Bristol yesterday. After I had drunk several cups of tea, had a bit of a chat (and a very nice piece of chocolate cake!) I wandered around looking at the display boards, showing what the charity has achieved with all the money raised in the last year. I found I got very absorbed reading a number of little stories about the families the Jessie May nurses help on a day to day basis and what a difference their help makes.

If you don’t know the charity, Jessie May supports about 30 families locally, who have a terminally ill child. The trust’s nurses enable the parents to take some time out from what is often 24/7 care, either to catch up with some housework, go and do some shopping, spend some time with their other children, or just have a rest. The nurses can also visit the children in their care if they go into hospital to help brighten up their experience and be a familiar and friendly face during a stressful and worrying time.

It really struck me how impossibly hard it would be to manage without any support and what a truely fantastic organisation the trust is. I think it makes a real difference to the families they support and a genuine lifeline.

The Precious Time Appeal was lauched last year and so far about half the money has been raised but there is still a long way to go. If you would like to read more about the apeal and the work of Jessie May, just paste this link into your browser: